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Eastern Wires can improve your financial performance, as well as relationships with your associates or clients, allowing you to trade in the currency of your choice. In this sense, the assistance provided by our team will also allow the increase in international business by reducing risks, associated costs and delays in the international payment process.

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Help us to help you! In order to open an account with us, some essential documentation will be required, following international compliance requirements. For every corporate account, our clients must provide Certifed ID and Proof of Residence for the account signatory, directors and shareholders. In addition, we also need proof that the signatory is entitled to open the account and manage the funds of the company.

Basic incorporation data on the entity will also be required, as per the jurisdiction where the company is based, demonstrating that the company is legitimately incorporated and currently active. We should also know who the ultimate beneficiary owner(s) is/are and have the documentation to support this. All documents must be certified by a notary, qualified accountant, lawyer, bank officer or police officer. We must also have sufficient details to be able to contact the certifier to confirm that they are qualified and have carried out the certification.

As part of our Complaince Policies and Procedures, we might ask you to justify the purpose of any transaction, the commercial reason of a payment, the origin of funds, and the supporting documents. This is not for every payment, but our professionals could request you to provide such documents, so be prepared to deliver the contracts, invoices, Bill of Ladings, transportation receipts, customs documents, tax payments or any other which evidence that transactions are being made with a verifiable economic basis. We reserve the right to contact the other parties involved for confirmation of the legitimacy of the transaction. We care for you because we believe in you.

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Eastern Wires HK Limited is a private limited company registered under the Business Registration Ordinance (Chapter 310 – Laws of Hong Kong) number 2463695, with a License for Operating Money service No. 17-08-02196 issued by the Customs and Excise Department (Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing) Financial Institutions Ordinance Chapter 615, Laws of Hong Kong.